I am intuitive mentor for Visionary Leaders of all ages.

I have the honor of using my intuition along with decades of personal and business development success to assist each person I work with realize their heart’s desire and life vision.


I am often described as technically eclectic in my approach to life and work. Being a consummate learner and maverick, I am always trying the newest paradigms and technology as I seek to offer services second to none. MEPSS is a paradigm that overarches much of the professional and personal approach that works well for visionaries of all ages.

Each person has a unique experience while engaging with me, whether it be individual mentoring, family or team mentoring, retreats, workshops, keynote talks, blogs, books and more. Because Visionaries have neurodiversity, my services focus first on the learning style and unique needs and desires of those I am serving.

As a highly skilled mentor, I listen deeply to you and you are heard on more levels than your words. You will experience a sense of connection and you will be seen in a meaningful and powerful way. You, like many previous Visionaries, will say Someone Gets Me.

Both Visions Applied and Someone Gets Me were born from the requests of many clients and colleagues who have worked with me over the past four decades. “Someone Gets Me!” is usually the first thing my interlocutors exclaim after talking to me. I believe this is true because I have a unique combination of knowledge and experience coupled with a keen sense of intuition that offers depth and richness to all my interactions. It is my honor and privilege to bring this powerful trio to you in all its forms.

A Bit About Me

I was raised in Sarasota, FL with my younger brother by my parents. We raced sailboats often and enjoyed this family sport. My mother was a multi-talented woman from art to accounting to music, she brought culture and depth to our home. My father was a banker and he brought all his talents to our home as well. My parents were great dancers and people would stop to watch them when they danced together. My brother and I benefited greatly from their diversity and talents.

My education includes a bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida and a master’s degree from the University of South Florida. I also attended the Unity Progressive Theological Seminary and have completed many classes in Nutrition and Holistic Health. I love learning and take every opportunity to expand and grow, formally and informally.

My experience working with people dates to my college days when I began to work with varied groups of people who were struggling. I have worked in the criminal justice system, mental health systems, addiction and recovery as well as education and inspirational venues.

My personal vision and mission are to educate and inspire you to touch your inner fire and allow that beauty to come forth into the world. I believe that we all have a message that is uplifting somewhere deep inside. I design all my services and offerings to help you awaken and live from your inner beauty, fire and truth.


Dianne A. Allen