Power in Retreat

There is power in retreat. Some say retreat has to do with running away scared. For me, retreat means to go apart for a while from daily living into a more rejuvenating environment. This type of retreat is necessary for … Read More

10 Ways to Avoid Screen Addiction

Spending a lot of time in front of a screen, are you? Well, you are not the only one. There are at least 10 ways to avoid screen addiction. There are many intended and unintended consequences related to being in front … Read More

NHL Playoffs

It is the time for the NHL playoffs. The best teams with the best records after long seasons are battling head to head to win the ultimate prize. The entire team is focused on achievements, stamina and playing their game … Read More

Gifted Adults in Denial

Gifted adults in denial can be quite distressed. When they live in denial of their giftedness and intensities, they often live a compromised or less fulfilling life. Many get lost in drugs, alcohol, and other substances that numb the intensities. … Read More

Say Yes!

Say Yes! Say yes to your dreams and heart’s desire. Say yes to serving the highest good and to being a beneficial presence on planet Earth. When you say yes (not maybe or no) you come into alignment with the … Read More


As we express our vitality, we often can be seen jumping for joy! Maybe you jump for joy withing when you are feeling vital. For me, vitality represents the power of enduring. There are many times you can reflect on … Read More